Join us for an early morning walk on National Pro Bono Day, as we raise funds to increase access to justice for disadvantaged and marginalised Queenslanders.

Kicking off at 7am on Tuesday 14 May 2024, participants can join 5km walks in cities across Queensland (including Brisbane, Toowoomba, Townsville & Cairns), or go for a walk in their very own neighbourhood!


For the past 15 years, members of the legal profession have risen early on National Pro Bono Day and walked to raise funds in support of LawRight services.

LawRight and our fantastic pro bono partners deliver legal help to people representing themselves in court, experiencing homelessness or disadvantage, and who can’t get help anywhere else.

The funds raised by the Legal Walk ensure we can continue to deliver these vital access to justice services to the Queenslanders that need them most.


If every walker can raise $200, we can reach our fundraising goal of $150,000 to keep vital services going.

So register to Walk and start your fundraising today! Click on the 'Sign Up' link above to register, or use the search bar below to find a walker to donate to.

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